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Cup of Coffee


I have spent a big chunk of my life blogging... sharing my heart, and basically having conversations with anyone who was willing to chat. It was and will always be one of my favourite things. My Blog has been cathartic for me, and a catalyst to healing my heart. I've been honoured to "meet" so many people that my blog has touched.


I've learned that sharing your story can be the difference between someone

thriving or merely surviving through their own story. Sharing also creates a tribe of people around you who support you and love you through it all... and there is nothing better than that!


If you are curious to know more about me, feel free to head over the blog, grab a coffee and let's have a little chat.


Most Popular post on the blog....with over 63.9K views- there's just something fun about this Bitch'n Kitchen Collection in black and white!

Check it out! Then follow the link for even more colours to decorate your kitchen with!


Curious to learn a little extra about me and my super awesome family? Grab a cup of coffee and chill with me for a  while... and get to know me a little.

Not many know my personal story- actually it's probably safe to say, that most people don't know my story- but it's probably not that different than some of yours -I'm sure. But, then again, maybe it is...


This was my 100th blog post, our wedding song, one of my more popular posts with 37.1K views, and  a reminder that we live in a wonderful world, filled with wonderful people. 


Even though, as I write this, we are living through a global pandemic- 


 I can't help but believe we live in a wonderful world.

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